Les Capriades
Les Capriades is a legendary wine project from the Loire valley started in the early 2000s by Pascal Potaire. Before Les Capriades, Pascal had worked for various winegrowers such as Noella Morantin and Nicolas Renard. In 2011 he was joined by his friend Moses Gadouche, and they’ve been working together since then. Les Capriades are devoted to making natural sparkling wines exclusively, and throughout the years of meticulous work, they’ve mastered the technique perfectly. Their Pet-Nats are some of the finest in the world, light and elegant, yet complex and profound, approaching the level of a nice Champagne. Pascal and Moses work mostly as négociant and harvest organic/biodynamic grapes from the local growers. In their cellar fermentation is always spontaneous without the addition of sugar, the bottles are always disgorged by hand and sulfur is never added to the wine.
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